Bard’s a straight-up guy, does it by the book, and gets great results. I worked for the sheriff’s department for years and I’ve known Bard a long time. He’s an excellent attorney and he’s really up on the law; that’s why he gets such great results. I was very pleased with Bard and highly recommend him. I’ll be glad to be a reference for Bard so please list my phone number."
Paul Henry

Paducah, Kentucky

Bard understood my situation and really did help me. I liked the way Bard treated me. I went to Bard to get my disability payments. He talked to me and understood everything I was going through. After I went to see the judge, I told Bard I really did appreciate him and would recommend him to anyone!”
Ann Thomas

Hickman, Kentucky

Bard is wonderful. He’s very pleasant to talk to and easy to be around. We love working with him. Bard returns our phone calls right away, even on weekends. And he’s always accessible, any time we need him. Bard sent us papers, which we received on a Saturday. He gave us his cell number, so we called and spoke with him that same day. He calmed our fears so we could have a good weekend. It made such a big difference. Bard really took an interest in our case. We were not just a number to him. This made us feel good. Bard is such a terrific guy, we tell everybody about him.”
Candy & Timothy Lynch

Brookport, Illinois

I was injured in an accident and after the hospital bills started coming in I came to Bard for help. I had no idea what to expect, but Bard was very understanding of my situation and all of my worries,. Bard and his staff kept me informed and confident that the right thing would be done and I wouldn't end up buried in medical debt. When all the negotiations were done, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Thank you Bard!”
Eric Nemchik

Paducha, Kentucky